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Buy a patch with your own motif 32 years of experience

What distinguishes our patches:

  • any shape (also irregular)
  • Protection against fraying (Chain border or laser cut)
  • Ironing surface or Velcro on request
  • also possible with clips or tuck-in flaps
  • washable, high-quality textiles, easy to process
  • inexpensive

What is special about us:

  • Contact person
  • Individual optimization the image quality
  • Minimum order quantity only 20 pieces
  • Express delivery on request (normal delivery time approx. 4 weeks)
  • All patches possible with a key ring

What customers say about us ...

A compliment to the whole team. From order acceptance / advice to order and prints to delivery, everything was great. Many thanks to Ms. ***** who managed the really great - despite Corona. The patches are really top quality! Many thanks. Highly recommended!
Stefan langer
Thank you Ms. ***** for the great service and the early delivery of the patches. I'm very satisfied with the look and quality of the patches, they turned out very well.
Wolfgang Hager
Thank you for the orderly delivery and the excellent quality of the woven patches for our "Alphornbläser Aichtal" badge. Many thanks also to Ms. ***** for the nice care!
Nicole Heinemann

Design and order patches yourself

We produce patches and patches according to your individually designed Motive. And that already from 20 pieces, cheap and in top quality - for satisfied customers since 1986.

Almost anything is conceivable as a motif: whether a band symbol, flowers, letters, warehouse badge, logo, lettering, your own drawing, or or or And of course in all colors from black and white to brightly colored.

The patches will embroidered, woven or printed according to your wishes. Rubber-like patches, so-called rubber patches, are also possible. You can also order key fobs made of fabric with your motif / logo. We manufacture your patches in any shape, for example round, angular, square, coat of arms shape but also in free form, ie the outside of the patch has the shape of your patch motif.

Depending on your requirements, the patches can be given the so-called Kettelrand or they are made with a laser cut. Both to protect against fraying, among other things.
One more note: Individual production of patches or patches with an individual motif is simply too expensive. More explanation on the problem of one-off production here.

Personal support for every customer order

Simply upload the motif and production starts automatically without anyone checking whether patches with this motif can even be produced in good quality? Not with us! We check every single order and every motif personally with our experience from over 34 years and thousands of patches. And if necessary, we will draw your attention to possible problems or give you tips and recommendations. And all of this free of charge, without any additional costs.

And if your motif template has been converted into an embroidery program by our software, you will receive a simulated image of your finished patch for approval. So you can check again before production and delivery whether the patch will be as you imagine it.
For all steps before, during and after production, a customer service advisor is of course available to you at any time by email or phone.

Patch pricesPatch prices

You can find the exact price for embroidered patches with our Price calculator determine. However, you will always receive an offer made for you in advance. Of course we deliver all patches within Germany with free shipping.

The edition is very important for the price: the more patches of a motif you order, the cheaper it is for each individual patch. Our Price overview provides an initial overview.

The exact price for patches depends not only on the number, but also on the size, the type of production (embroidered, woven, printed or rubber), the attachment (possibly ironing surface or Velcro) as well as special equipment (e.g. gold / silver as colors).

Ask us - we will tell you exactly what the patches will cost based on your requirements.

Patch by express deliveryOrder patches by express

Do you urgently need the patches? Then you should Order patches express.

Instead of 4-5 weeks, you will receive the patches in 12-14 days. However, such express production is also significantly more expensive.

Simply send us your motif for which you want to buy a patch (to

We will make you a non-binding offer and, in the case of an express request, we will estimate the current minimum possible delivery time.

To be on the safe side, we would like to point out that express orders result in a significant price premium. So it is better to order in good time - you will save money.

Patch manufacturing variantsManufacturing methods: embroidered, woven, printed or rubber

Patches can be made in three ways: embroidered, woven or printed. And then there are rubber-like PVC patches and textile labels.

All manufacturing methods have their advantages. The cheapest option is to order embroidered patches (the most commonly ordered type of patch). Woven patches can represent finer motifs and printed patches are even suitable for photo-like patches (but are also a bit more expensive). Rubber patches are waterproof for this.

Patch fasteningSew on, ironing surface or Velcro

Patches are very often sewn on - that's what the word “patch” already says.

But ironing on is also chosen again and again, ie patches ordered from can be provided with an ironing surface on request, so that they can be applied as an iron-on image with the iron. Such patches are often also called iron-on patches.

In - albeit rarer - cases, a Velcro surface can also be attached to the back.

PatchesOrder patches for motorbikes, children, clubs or with company logo

At you can buy patches for every kind of use: as motorcycle patches for your robe, as a fire brigade patch for the jacket, as a patch for clubs (for club clothing or as a camp patch for boy scouts) Patches also play for fan club members Football jerseys are just as important as at carnival. And of course, children also love badges and patches on clothing.

Let yourself be inspired here as to what patches can be designed for.

Biker patchBig patches, small patches - we have them all

When buying a patch, choose any size you need and that fits your motif. At you can get very large patches in addition to the usual sizes (up to a maximum of 42,5 x 29,5 cm large patches for knitted or up to 19,5 cm woven or 40 cm printed).

Sometimes, however, very small badges are also placed in the shopping cart, which we of course also manufacture from a minimum size.

FAQ Patch:

What types of patches are there?
Patches made of fabric are embroidered (cheapest, mostly used), woven (flatter, more detailed) or printed (any color). There are also rubber patches, i.e. patches on rubber-like PVC. You can also get all of these types of patches with your own individual motif.
What do patches with their own, individual motif cost?
Embroidered patches with a diameter of 5 cm, for example, cost only € 100 each for a quantity of 1,39 pieces. However, the costs vary with the size, the desired number (from 20 pieces) or with special equipment (eg gold-colored threads, ironing surface, ...). With the price calculator you can determine the exact right price for your case.
What types of attachment are there for patches?
Patches are mostly sewn on with a sewing thread. But ironing on with the iron is also possible if there is an ironing surface on the back (also called "iron on"). Attention: iron only on cotton, not polyester. Finally, patches can also be attached with Velcro.
Can I also order patches by express?
Yes. To have patches made with your own motif also takes 2 to 3 weeks by express order (instead of the usual 4-5 weeks). However, express production is also significantly more expensive.
What is an "ironing surface" for patches?
So that patches can be attached with the iron (instead of sewing them on with a needle and thread), a so-called ironing surface is attached to the back of the patch. This is a special textile adhesive that turns liquid when it is hot and connects the sticker to the underlying textile.
Further questions about our patches? Click here

Patch references - individual motif

Here you can see a selection of our previously produced patches. Convince yourself of the quality or let yourself be inspired for your own patch. We produce patches for all clubs, municipalities, companies, institutions and organizations.

Airsoft / paintball patch
Airsoft / paintball patch
Biker patch
Biker patch
Boy Scout Patch
Boy Scout Patch
Police patch
Police patch
Bundeswehr patch
Bundeswehr patch
Company patch
Company patch
Fire Brigade Bavaria patch
Fire Department Patch
Carnival patch
Carnival patch
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